ALIGNING aims to:

  • O1. Improve the match between curricula of Higher Education Institutes and human capital needs of businesses in a joint effort to address both business challenges and opportunities from climate change.
  • O2. Develop novel, peer-centered and market relevant curricula in agriculture and climate change relevant for least-developed countries in the Asian context.
  • O3. Promote the lifelong learning dimension of Higher Education including by facilitating the take-up, validation and recognition of the short learning courses leading to micro- credentials for Higher Education students and professionals.
  • O4. Provide necessary interdisciplinary skills required in agribusiness on issues relating to climate change.
  • O5. Increase awareness on climate emergency and offer sustainable solutions to agribusinesses’ challenges.
  • O6. Support the Higher Education sector in least-developed countries becoming even more interconnected, innovative, inclusive and digital.